What is Selflessness? I guess, it is doing any act without thinking about my *fruit in doing that. Is it possible for us to do good deeds, without self-satisfaction or deeply thinking inside that it will be counted towards "ticket to heaven" or karma. What I am trying to say is even doing for others by sacrificing your self interest., Self manifests.

Why do we cry when our beloved ones are dead ? . Is it b'cos our "self" is going to miss the good "*fruits" from them?. It again manifests, normal human is selfish.

*fruits - Anything that makes/made you happy.


RkBall said...

The most unselfish act in history was the incarnation of Jesus Christ, who emptied himself of the prerogatives of divinity and became a man. Further, he did not come as a king, but a peasant. Although called by God, he did attain to ordained status as priest. Finally, after living his life as a "nobody", he showed extreme selflessness and the extent of God's love for us when he suffered and died on the cross to make atonement for man's sins.

Prakash Gomathinayagam said...

I am not questioning that Jesus is unselfish. What made you think, only Jesus can be unselfish. Can you provide any logical answer?