Free will Vs Destiny

If destiny is 100% true, then we don't have to worry abt any thing. after all we are pre-programmed chips, even if we murder, we are not responsible, but the Fate or God!

If free-will is 100% true, then also it is fine. I don't have to care about anybody else. If I am good enough to make a mistake and cover it, I am fine. fittest of the survival. The only thing, is I have to be fittest.

but real life show neither of it. it shows intermingled effect of both.

When one disciple asked Mohamed about this,

Mohamed asked him to raise one of his leg. Disciple raised his right leg. Then Mohamed asked him to raise his left leg. Disciple got confused and asked back, how is it possible?.

Mohamed told him, "When I asked u first time to raise one of ur leg, you could have raised ur left leg. That is ur free-will. Once u have used ur free will, ur other leg got rooted with the earth or destiny ".

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