All major religions talks about heaven. Heaven is defined as a place where everything is just the way you want it to be and you are ultimately happy. Is happiness possible without suffering?

I guess, happiness is relative to suffering. for e.g., If we suffer in sun for some time, then shelter gives us happines otherwise it is merely a shelter. Cold and hot are not two different entities but one (temparature). Removal of cold is hot, removal of hot is cold. If there is no suffering in heaven. How would we feel happy ?

p.s. Nirvana (which is said to give eternal happiness) is a different state, where time and space converges. or it means nothing to you. It is not a domain where you get everything you want as in Heaven, but a state where your likes (wants)/dislikes does not even exist.


RkBall said...

Heaven is where God is -- the eternal Father loving the eternal Son in the bond of union of the Holy Spirit. It is where love is in the air and heaven's members enjoy the bliss of beholding God's face.

It is not where you are happy from getting your own way. There will be relationships in heaven, fellowship, and there will be things to do; responsibilities.

Heaven is where followers of Jesus go.

Heaven is where Jesus fills everything. Persons who don't like Jesus on this earth would be most unhappy in heaven, because Jesus' name is above all other names; no one else gets the attention, the praise, the honor, the glory. For many people, who can't stand even an hour in church on Sunday, heaven would be hell.

The devil will be vanquished, so there will be no more kingdom of rebellion. No more lies (no more false religions), no more temptation to sin, no more sin, no more suffering caused by sin, no more tears, no more death, no more dying, no more despair.

There will be fellowship. Eternal fellowship with God, and with fellow-saints, and with heavenly beings.

We will have forever to tell the story over and over of the wonderful love of Jesus, how he came and died for us to make us something we could never be on our own -- the children of God. Not sons of Adam, but sons and daughters of the living God.

J. I. Packer has summarized the gospel as "adoption through propititation".

What a wonderful God. What a wonderful reality.

May this reality pierce through into your consciousness.

Prakash Gomathinayagam said...

Sorry, your comments did not answer my question.